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Dental plans and dental insurance are different.  Click here to find out how.



Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans are available everywhere on the net.  The problem is a lot of them don't seem to be very good or provide much "discount."  We search the internet for the best dental plans each month and list our favorites here. 

Discount dental plans aren't insurance.  They are usually a lot cheaper than dental insurance, a lot easier (no claim forms to deal with) and in most cases you receive more benefit (dental insurance usually caps around $1000, with discount dental plans there is no limit.)  

The keys to choosing the right discount dental plan for you are to choose one that is going to provide you with excellent service at a low cost and has dentists in your area. 

Best Discount Dental Plans

  • Our top pick for best discount dental plan this month is Dental Plans.  It is by far the best out there.  Their best selling plan costs just $99/year for an individual and just $139 for a family.  With this plan you can get a dental checkup for around $14 and a root canal for around $400. 

Unlike a lot of discount dental plans, this one also gives you even more for FREE.  Included free with your plan is up to 50% savings on vision care such as eyeglasses, contacts and exams, up to 30% on prescription drugs, and up to 20% on hearing aids. 

Their service and plans are all top notch.  Plus, there's no waiting for coverage, they don't check your dental history and it's really fast and easy to sign up. Click here to check out Dental Plans.

  • E health insurance also has decent discount plans but we like their dental insurance coverage better. 



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