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4 Dental Insurance

List of the best dental insurance plans on the net!

4 Dental Insurance lists the best places to get dental insurance.  The dental insurance market is filled and let's face it, the web sites all look the same so how do you know which companies are good and which ones you should steer clear of?  We tell you! 

Each month we look for the best dental plans available - individual dental insurance, family dental insurance and business dental insurance.  We look for companies with great service, great prices and best offerings.  Plus, we look at both dental plans and dental insurance.

This month's picks for best dental insurance plans

Best Dental Plan Dental Plans 

Hands down the best dental plan out there.  Dental Plans has fast service, is easy to use and is one of the most affordable plans on the net with prices starting at just $79/year.  

They have over 100,000 participating dentists plus they also give you FREE bonus benefits so you save up to 50% on vision care services including eyeglasses and contacts, up to 30% on prescription drugs and up to 20% on hearing aids.  Best of all there are no claim forms to fill out and no waiting period.  Click here to view their dental insurance plans.

Best Dental Insurance:  E health insurance

E health insurance has a huge range of dental insurance carriers and gives you fast, instant quotes online.  The plans they offer are top notch and really easy to compare.  This is a good company that's easy to use.  Click here for a dental insurance quote.

Those are our top choices for this month.  There are other choices out there, but for various reasons they didn't make our cut.  We base our decisions on a variety of factors including cost, service, savings and ease of use. 



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