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Individual Dental Insurance

Individual dental insurance is pretty easy to find and unlike health insurance the self-employed usually don't have as tough a time getting it.  The biggest thing you need to decide is do you want individual dental insurance or do you want to go with a dental plan.  Basically the difference between individual dental insurance and dental plans comes down to price and coverage. 

For an individual, dental insurance usually costs more (around $35/month or $420/year) and the amount it pays caps at around $1000 for the year.  You have to pay a deductible and you are responsible for a co-pay of between 10-60% of each visit depending on whether you go to a dentist in the company's network or outside it.  So, if your dentist charged $300 and you have a 20% co-pay you would pay $60 for this visit.

Dental plans are cheaper (usually around $100/year) and give you discounts on all the services from the dentist.  You have to use a dentist in their network.  If you go with a good provider you can usually save a lot of money - usually around half the normal fee.  Plus, unlike dental insurance, dental plans don't require background or history.  Regardless of your previous dental woes you can get covered. 

  • Best place to get individual dental insurance E health insurance.  They give you the best selection of "good" plans and their prices are the lowest prices you will find anywhere for the plans they offer. 
  • Best place to get individual dental plan Dental Plans.  This is the best dental plan company on the net.  It has some of the lowest prices and the best coverage.   Plus they throw in a lot of freebies so you can get your eyeglasses, contacts and eye exams up to 50% off and discounts on prescription drugs, chiropractic care and hearing aids.  



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